Thermo-Lite Board® offers endless advantages including weight savings, increased fuel efficiency and increased strengths in the ground transportation industry, and is ideal for endless application subjected to static and dynamic loads. Our products do not warp, bend, splinter or crack, provide good impact strength, sound and thermal insulation, are resistant to contamination, and have minimal contraction and expansion characteristics. The composite panels can be butt jointed, tongue and groove or ship lapped, as well as adhered, screwed, stapled or bolted into place. In addition to the various surface options, Thermo-Lite Board® offers a great bonding surface giving the option to adhere other top surfaces or finishes.

Some common uses in the transportation industry:

• Flooring
• Waste water tank supports
• Engine bulkheads
• Bay floors
• Luggage compartments
• Side walls
• Cabinets
• Shelving
• Bench seats
• Wheel wells
• Trusses
• ATV tops

Our product lines are manufactured by skilled employees under a Quality Management System registered to ISO 9001:2008, ensuring every sheet is produced for lifetime performance.