Meet Our Team

To contact our staff, please call us at 701-277-5631

Sales and Marketing

Mike Kalberer - Director of Sales and Marketing

Julie Hegge - Marketing Coordinator

Kyle Kositzky - Internal Accounts Manager

Bryan Emerson - National Accounts Sales Representative, CCT

Randy Josephson - National Sales Representative, CCT

Mike Bilodeau - Arena Products Manager

Tomasz Gulka - International Products Manager


Scott Geiger - Director of Operations

Luke Gibbon - Product Engineering Supervisor

Derek Anderson - Production Support Specialist

Derek Huotari - Research Engineer, CCT

Jeremy Schwinn - Maintenance Technician


Jay Dick - Production Manager, CCT

Gary Link - Day Lead, Production

Bryan Sheldon - Production Supervisor


John Hertsgaard - President & CEO

Mark Hanson - Director of Finance

Gail Hanson - Office Administrator

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