SpaceAge Synthetics operates under a lean manufacturing system and is dedicated to the design and implementation of waste and energy use reduction at levels that provide superior cost performance and recognizable customer value. We responsibly use our raw materials by bailing and recycling 100% of our HDPE release film and cardboard, and recycling 100% of our oil. Green/Sustainability is an important focus in our organization.

SpaceAge Synthetics, Ltd. has the distinction of recently receiving from OSHA the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) award. To qualify for SHARP, a company must receive a comprehensive site safety and health audit, correct all identified hazards, demonstrate effective safety and health programs, and maintain injury rates below the national average for their industry. SpaceAge Synthetics is in the top 17 small businesses in the state of North Dakota to be SHARP certified. This type of accomplishment not only creates a safe environment for our employees, but is directly linked to maintaining stable pricing for our customers.

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