Thermo-Lite Board® Pre-Cut Services

SpaceAge Synthetics, Ltd. has the capabilities to process, develop and analyze solid models, prints and drawings, using CAD, CAM and FEA software. With Multiple CNC routers and nesting tables, Thermo-Lite Board® is easily processed into parts and kits, with custom cuts, drilling, milling and edging to meet customer needs.
Speak with your SpaceAge Synthetics, Ltd. representative today for further information or a quote on pre-cut parts and kits.

Spray Coating

Industrial grade polyurea is a spray-applied protective coating that provides many outstanding surface finish properties. SpaceAge Synthetics introduced our products to this innovative technology in 2006. Composing the name, FASCOAT, the polyurea coating is applied to our Thermo-Lite Board® and lceCap® product lines for numerous customer applications where an enhanced surface coating is required. Our FASCOAT is a durable surface that offers increased abrasion and impact resistance, long-term stability and is moisture insensitive and resistant to most chemicals.


Please contact us for your specific applications where lamination is required.